2018 Appeal Updates

2018 Appeal Updates

The 2018 Appeal Calendar has closed. All of the Townships have been reported by the Cook County Assessor. As of February 6, 2019, the Board of Review has only released results for the following Townships:

Riverside – River Forest – Norwood – Evanston – Berwyn – Oak Park New Trier – Elk Grove – Palos – Cicero – Maine – Rogers Park -Bremen – Lyons – Northfield – Stickney – Barrington – Calumet – Hyde Park

All other Townships have not been released as of yet.


The Property Tax Appeal Cycle is long. It can take anywhere from 6-8 months to appeal at the Assessor and the Board of Review. During that time, we receive notices from the Assessor and the Board of Review about any reduction in Assessed Value achieved.

But don’t worry, any reduction achieved will automatically be reflected on the Second Installment of your tax bill that is issued in the summer.

Hence, if we are appealing your 2018 assessed value, the reduction we achieve will be reflected on the tax bill you receive in the summer of 2019. You will get your First Installment Tax Bill, and that amount will be 55% of the total 2017 tax bill.

For example, lets say your total 2017 tax bill was $10,000. Regardless if you appeal your 2018 taxes or not, you will receive the First Installment of your 2018 Tax Bill in February, 2019 in the amount of $5,500. Then the Second Installment of the 2018 Tax Bill will be due in August of 2019. It is the Second Installment that will be calculated on the increase/decrease of assessed value.

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