Frequently Asked Questions

  • This program was developed to bring the expertise and experience of seasoned Cook County property tax attorneys to all property owners.
  • The client property tax dashboard allows for the taxpayer to have access to information and updates to their appeal 24/7/365. No need to wait for someone to return a phone call or email.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential has taken decades of experience to understand the frequently asked questions and concerns by residential tax payers. Our dashboards and website will allow for clear information to educate and answer clients questions. Providing access to detailed information will allow for more comfort and ease in understanding the appeal process.
  • Some other online services are DIY “Do It Yourself” services that merely spit out a standard complaint for the taxpayer. It is up to the taxpayer to fill out the forms, find out and file by the deadline, and navigate the deadlines and processes between different governmental organizations.
  • com was developed by seasoned Cook County property tax attorneys who understand the Cook County appeal process. Siegel Jennings Residential’s proprietary onboarding system asks detailed questions which determine which argument is best for your specific property.
  • We manage the appeal process from start to finish, avoiding fatal mistakes many homeowners make in filing their own appeals.
  • Non-Attorneys are unable to represent clients at the Cook County Board of Review or other agencies after the Assessor’s appeal.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential.com provides real-time updates to the status of your appeal.
  • Nothing – Siegel Jennings Residential is your partner in providing state-of-the-art real estate services to your clients and prospects. There is absolutely no fee to the Realtor.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential has partnered with the Chicagoland Association of Realtors to provide an online resource for property tax services.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential positions Realtors as “trusted advisor” in all things real estate by consistently presenting the Realtors’ contact information on the clients’ property tax dashboard.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential will provide valuable Cook County property tax content for Realtors to use in their own email blasts/online content/mailers.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential.com is a best-in-class online property tax service that manages the Cook County appeal process for residential tax payers from start to finish.
  • Siegel Jennings Residential.com is the portal for the law firm of Siegel Jennings, CO LPA, a nationwide law firm that specializes in property tax issues.

The Property Tax Appeal Cycle is long. It can take anywhere from 6-8 months to appeal at the Assessor and the Board of Review. During that time, we receive notices from the Assessor and the Board of Review about any reduction in Assessed Value achieved.

But don’t worry, any reduction achieved will automatically be reflected on the Second Installment of your tax bill that is issued in the summer.
Hence, if we are appealing your 2018 assessed value, the reduction we achieve will be reflected on the tax bill you receive in the summer of 2019. You will get your First Installment Tax Bill, and that amount will be 55% of the total 2017 tax bill.

For example, lets say your total 2017 tax bill was $10,000. Regardless if you appeal your 2018 taxes or not, you will receive the First Installment of your 2018 Tax Bill in February, 2019 in the amount of $5,500. Then the Second Installment of the 2018 Tax Bill will be due in August of 2019. It is the Second Installment that will be calculated on the increase/decrease of assessed value.

Other online services have been developed by people who do not understand the nuances and best strategies for filing a Cook County property tax appeal. Siegel Jennings Residential was developed by experienced Cook County attorneys, consultants and appraisers.

Other online services are unable to actually MANAGE the appeal process for taxpayers. They will simply provide you with a cookie-cutter argument, then let you fend for yourself. Via Siegel Jennings Residential, your appeal is developed, analyzed and filed both at the Cook County Assessor and the Board of Review by seasoned consultants and attorneys.

Consultants are not allowed to represent taxpayers at the Cook County Board of Review. Only attorneys can represent taxpayers. Thus, other services are only allowed to file once on behalf of the client. The law firm of Siegel Jennings utilizes the Siegel Jennings Residential platform to help thousands of homeowners both at the Assessor and the Board of Review.

Residential taxpayers have not had access to the best legal representation for property tax appeals due to the burdensome administrative process. Siegel Jennings Residential facilitates that process for both the taxpayer and the consultant/attorney representing the client. Clients now are able to get real-time updates and alerts about the status of their appeal and other valuable information in regard to the tax appeal process – all at their fingertips!

Siegel Jennings Residential.com is an online portal whose technology was developed by experienced Cook County attorneys, consultants and appraisers. Siegel Jennings Residential acts as a platform for the collection and analysis of information. The law firm of Siegel Jennings, CO PA are the attorneys on the backend who review the information submitted to make the best case for the taxpayers.

Our services are to reduce the assessed value that is proposed by the Cook County Assessor. Every three years, the Assessor revalues 1/3 of Cook County. This is called a “Re-Assessment Year”. Thus, your taxes typically go up in a Re-Assessment Year because the assessed value increases. Therefore, if you are in a Re-Assessment Year, sometimes we are unable to get below the previous year’s assessed value. Hence, the taxes go up from year to year. However, if you don’t appeal, your taxes go up significantly.

If we are filing your 2018 appeal, the final result of our efforts will be reflected on the Second Installment of your Cook County Tax Bill which should be out in July of 2019. Prior to that, you will receive the First Installment of the 2018 tax bill in the Winter of 2019. That bill will be 55% of the previous years tax bill. Thus, If your tax bill was $10,000 for the 2017 taxes, your First Installment of the 2018 taxes will be $5,500.