Frequently Asked Questions

With Siegel Jennings Residential, you can file an appeal anytime. In fact, the sooner the better, so we can make sure to meet all filing deadlines.

If you have received your tax bill, you are too late. Cook County taxes are paid in arrears. That means, if you receive a tax bill in 2018, that bill is for the 2017 tax year. However, we can file an appeal every year! Do don’t miss the opportunity to save again.

No. When filing an appeal at the Cook Count Assessor or the Board of Review, those agencies are not permitted to increase the assessed value. For each year, the highest an assessed value can go is where the Assessor originally sets the value.

Other online services just provide you with a cookie-cutter complaint. That is not the best approach.

We collect a $25 refundable filing fee prior to filing the appeal. This payment helps confirm for both sides that the appeal is moving forward and that the work is to be completed. If there we are unable to attain a reduction in assessed value, the $25 is refunded.

Yes, you should appeal your taxes every year. You are not penalized for doing so. Siegel Jennings Residential will review your file on an annual basis and determine if there is new evidence that will further reduce your taxes.